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Live PD: Cop Calls w/ Clark County, Indiana Police Department ( A&E)

Viral Video: 25 Minutes of Police Shootouts in America 2019

This video is to teach thugs and suspects it’s not healthy to run from the cops and/or not get on the ground when they say ‘Get on the…

Funny Video: Live PD funniest moments — Part1

Most moments of policing are not all that funny but occasionally some are downright hilarious

Graphic Video: Bodycam Footage of Officers Shooting Suspect Armed With Knife in San Diego, California

Live PD Americas Dumbest Criminals Ep. 4

Live PD Americas Dumbest Criminals Ep. 4

Live PD: The Weed RV (Episode 8) | A&E

Live PD (A&E) Updated Daily

At the end of each short clip an ad for A&E comes up for a few seconds and then another clip starts automatically for continuous viewing without leaving Redneck…

DIY: 10 Simple Hacks With WD40

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