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10 Stubborn Homeowners Who Refuse To Move

No amount of money could convince these homeowners to move out. The result is not only hilarious, but awesome!

Video Clip: Did Professor Marvel mention ISIS to Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

RedneckUpdate does not own the footage used in this fan-made video, and RedneckUpdate is not making any profit from it. All content belongs to its rightful owners/companies. No…

Video Warning: Your Technology is Spying on You

In todays video the reporter discusses all of the technology both hardware and software that surveils you day and night and it ain’t going to get any better…

Video: How The Royal Dubai Kids Spend Their Billions

10 Amazingly expensive things that only the richest royal family children could ever spend their fortunes on. Including 60000000 million dollar private jets, 100,000,000 million dollar yachts, cars,…

Comment Video: Popeye’s Chicken Fights

The Chad Prather Show on YouTube … Those chicken sandwiches must be something really special. Whew.

Viral Video: Exploring the Abandoned Northridge Mall in Milwaukee

In this episode, we take a look inside the abandoned Northridge Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that’s been closed since the early 2000’s.

Brave People Help Police. Good Samaritans Are Real!

I love how the news guy in the last clip was so concerned whether the guy was gonna do a wheelie or not — Brunswick G.

Lisa HavenVideo: A Population Disaster NO ONE Ever Expected!

This could affect every living person in the world soon! …

Scary Video: Rhino attacks an animal keeper in her car at a German safari park, flipping it over three times

Good News! The keeper was not seriously injured! We doubt your seatbelts will help out in the situation but, wear them just in case!

Viral Video: 12 Most Insane Roads In The World

Hot Video: Something Is Coming To Earth — Elon Musk Issues Paralyzing Warning — “God Of Chaos”

Caught on Video: 20 year old student jumps to his death [Graphic Warning]

Viral Video: AA Flight attendant violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby

Viral Video: Hippo Licks Croc … National Geographic

Jimmy Kimmel Blames Trump for His Son’s Birth Defect

Viral Video: Exclusive Raw Video of Plane Crash into Perth’s Swan River, Australia

Massive Lights Out In San Francisco

Viral Dashcam Video: : Michigan State Trooper Attacked After Motorcycle Chase

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