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Traffic Video: Red Light Runner Instant Karma

Timelapse Video: Ants Eating McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie

Funny Video: Cute kid on plastic slide has the hair going on

Cute Video: Kangaroo Sneaks into RV then brings his friends back later

Challenge Video: Rubiks Cube World Record Gets Hammered

Cute Video: Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

Cute Video: Baby Dexter Hysterical Laughing at Paper

Crazy Video: A Math Question For Alexa You never want to ask

Crazy Video: Crushing $40,000 GOLD BAR with Big Hydraulic Press!

Crazy Video: Snouted Cobra on the loose in the toilet

Cute Video: Kids Get Into Trouble Sometimes

Dash Cam: Man Rescues Very Small Kitten In Traffic

Crazy Video: Gang of Dogs Steal Womans Groceries

Intense Video: Dash Cam Captures An Attempted Car Jacking

Fun Video: Penn State Dad Surprised with Rose Bowl Tickets

Cute Video: Hamster Wars … ‘Star Wars’ with Hamsters

Awesome Video: Brave Men Jump Into A Frozen Lake To Save A Dog

Funny Video: Elephant Farts on His friend to get revenge

Cute Video: Motherhood in 34 seconds

Racing Video: Scott Dixon huge AIRBORNE CRASH!!!!

Dash Cam Video: Highway Truck Topples (80+ mph winds)

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