There is substantial evidence, from documents and witness statements, that the Biden family, including President Joe Biden, may have been involved in criminal activity involving, among other issues, foreign entities tied to Ukraine and China.

Joe Biden’s son Hunter has already acknowledged that he is the target of an FBI criminal investigation.

A special counsel should immediately be appointed because the Justice Department is conflicted in investigating any matter that could implicate President Biden or his immediate family.

And support Judicial Watch’s INDEPENDENT investigations and lawsuits to hold Joe Biden accountable under the law!

Vice President Kamala Harris
Joe Biden’s policy is open borders. Biden wants large numbers of illegal aliens pouring into the country because Democrats believe when they pass amnesty it will create tens of millions of new voters.

Kamala Harris holds a very low 28 percent approval rating.

Polling data shows she is the least popular Vice President in the last 50 years.

Harris’ low polling numbers owe in large part to her failure as the administration’s border czar to stop the record levels of illegal aliens from entering the country.