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Old Video: How The Auto-Giro Works (1931)

“The development of air travel depends almost entirely on safety. One contribution to safety is the autogiro ‘plane. Although many of us have seen one, we believe this…

Video: America Unearthed: Denver Airport/The New World Order; Full Episode

Video: Most Amazing Plane Landings ever caught on camera

Freaky Video: Amazing; Airplane Crosswind Landings and Extreme Takeoffs

Video: 10 Most Insane Flying Cars That Will Come In 2020

Sad Video: Giant Remote Control 747 Crashes at Show

At a AvaFest in Brazil, a very large 747 made an appearance that was powered by four KingTech K140 turbines. Unfortunately, during it’s Saturday demo flight, one of…

Crazy Video: Landing a Plane in the Ocean and Other Strange Happenings with Aircraft

In Russia, it would be normal to drive a car through an airport. I think that Russian guy was late for his flight 😂😂😂

Viral Video: Plane Almost Hits Car and More Close Calls

Driver : I bet that you can’t do a nice looking manoeuvre past my dashcam. Pilot : BET

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