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Patton Village, Texas Police pursuit results in horrific fatal crash Dec 17, 2021

VIDEO AND REPORT BY SCOTT ENGLE Just before 11 pm, a Patton Village Officer was running radar on I-69 at SH 242 in Patton Village city limits. A…

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Caught on Video Camera: Crash in Pompano, California

POMONA, CALIFORNIA – California Highway Patrol Baldwin Park Station started to receive multiple 911 calls of a traffic collision with one vehicle in lanes of the westbound 10…

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This video is showing you the top 5 biggest engines ever made. Contains: Biggest Engine start-up, Biggest Engine Acceleration, Biggest Engine Sound, Biggests Engine by displacement, Biggest Engine…

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Video: The 2021 Ford Bronco Should Debut At The Detroit Auto Show — Here’s What We Know!

We take a look at some new renderings and talk about all the info available on the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Video: How The Royal Dubai Kids Spend Their Billions

10 Amazingly expensive things that only the richest royal family children could ever spend their fortunes on. Including 60000000 million dollar private jets, 100,000,000 million dollar yachts, cars,…

Scary Video: Brake Checks and Cut-off Situations 2019

  Is it just me or does swearing at them makes me feel better? Compilation video of break checks gone bad!

Cars And Coffee FaIls; 55 Chevy Drag Strip Rollover; Slow Motion Video

Driver was wearing a seat belt, it was only a lap belt and you can actually see it fly out of the car after it was ripped from…