Just before 11 pm, a Patton Village Officer was running radar on I-69 at SH 242 in Patton Village city limits. A Nissan passed the officer at almost 80 miles per hour in a 65 mile-per-hour zone. A traffic stop was initiated. The driver sped up and refused to stop. A pursuit was initiated. As they approached East River Road the driver exited and slowed. However, just as he did he sped off again entering the freeway at speeds close to 100 mile-per-hour. Montgomery County  Sheriff’s Office, Precinct 4, and Splendora assisted in the pursuit. When they approached the Cleveland city limits the driver exited SH 105 and continued down the feeder and through the intersection dodging cars. As he went to the left he struck an 18-wheeler log truck legally parked on the shoulder of the road. A fire erupted in the engine area which was quickly extinguished. The driver was deceased. The driver of the parked 18-wheeler was asleep in his sleeper when his truck was hit. The impact pushed the 18-wheeler fifteen feet forward. The impact also knocked a refrigerator and other items in the sleeper of the truck onto the sleeping driver injuring his ribs. Cleveland Police were also concerned as a Homeless sign asking for help was found within the crash scene. The area was searched to verify there was no pedestrian injured in the crash.  Firefighters had to cut the driver out of the Nissan. The Nissan was displaying fake paper tags over a Florida license plate. The driver had no identification. An AFIS was used to identify him by fingerprint. However, it is unknown any next of kin or where he resided. It is also unknown why he fled. Cleveland Police worked the crash with the assistance of DPS. The feeder was closed until 2 am. Smith Towing removed the vehicles from the scene. The pursuit was 11.3 miles long.