CSX tanker train goes flying under the dangerous old bridge and knocks down the signal at the railroad yard interchange for Ohio South Central Railroad. Gigantic CSX mixed freight passes VA Junction crossing. These trains are in Ohio near Waverly and Chillicothe. Includes a railroad crossing near Wellston with Ohio South Central Railroad taking covered hopper cars to a customer. The 4 track railroad yard that you see the tank train passing through ( Vauces ) is the interchange point for CSX and Ohio South Central Railroad OSCR. Watch the signal change from green to red as the train passes it. I love seeing that. I hope by now that everyone has learned the phrase “knocking down the signal”. It just means that the signal goes from green to red as the train passes it. The second train was a huge CSX manifest that was at the north end of the yard entering the single main at VA Junction. Check out the old railroad shanty at the junction. I wonder how old it is and when it was last used. I was hoping to see an OSCR train but they didn’t run while I was there. I put in a clip of them that I filmed earlier in the year that was never posted. I spent 6 hours in this area and saw 2 CSX trains. Norfolk Southern has a line less than 2 miles to the west on the other side of the Scioto River. That line had 4 trains pass through in the same time. Listen in: CSX uses 160.230. Norfolk Southern uses 161.190 and Ohio South Central Railroad uses 160.965 although it will take some luck to catch them. I filmed this video on December 28, 2021.

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