Video and Report by Scott Engel

Sunday, January 31, Plum Grove Fire Department responded to a grass fire on County Road 5102 in Liberty County, Texas. As the tanker was traveling down County Road 5000, the truck slipped off the extensive drop on the roadway’s edge and flipped. Three firefighters were entrapped for a short time. All three were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. County Road 5000 remained closed for several hours as the Texas DPS investigated the crash, and Smith Towing rolled the truck back over. This was the only tanker the all-volunteer fire department had. Their front line pumper is down for pump repairs leaving only a booster truck to fight fires. The volunteers reach out to other departments that may have reserve equipment until repairs can be made to their truck. The department depends on minimal funds as they are all volunteers. Plum Grove is responsible for close to 20,000 residents in its district.