Video Report: America Unearthed: New World Order; Georgia Guidestones: Full Episode | History & Future

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  1. RickIgou

    El Ray Capone

    Seven months ago
    I’ve been waking to this for many years… and I now find myself living in the moment that I knew was coming… it’s only the beginning. Stay strong, my people.


    Queen of the Forest

    Six months ago
    “For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. “I believe there is a spiritual battle happening right now on earth


    Robert Schwinn

    2 weeks ago
    The book of Revelations is where you can find the truth.


    Jelani muhammadJelani muhammad
    1 month ago
    It’s a good time for us as a people to stand together and fight for America as a country and stand together for what’s right and what we believe in.


    Cherryl Ticao

    One month ago
    The truth will always prevail. keep praying and anchor ourselves to God


    Zoey Zi

    One month ago
    Nothing is ever exposed. They tell people exactly what they want them to know. No secrets revealed, no new information…. whatever you see on tv or the internet is what they want you to see.



    Nine months ago
    Today we have SO much access to information, yet the public has never been more oblivious.


    Joshua Davis

    Three weeks ago
    We see more and more “conspiracy theories” become a reality, and anyone with a brain knows the world is run by evil people who crave power and money. Labeling someone a conspiracy theorist is just an attempt to shame or embarrass someone into silence.


    Stacey Blake

    One month ago (edited)
    I indeed have found this airport to be vibrationally very odd. Large enough for an underground city. As others do believe, I think a secret society does exist and that it’s real. However, for sure, there is a higher power, and it will have the final say as to what does occur. I refuse to live in fear as fear is food for evil forces. Do not fear. There is life beyond this planet, and no human being is above our lord god. No one!


    Amanda Gamer

    One month ago
    I’m shocked the history channel aired this. The truth in our face is nothing new about that, I guess. Wish more ppl would wake up! His words, “how would they do this a pandemic?”


    A G
    A G
    One month ago (edited)
    I’ve been to Denver DIA airport countless times. I’ve seen the murals and secret symbols that used to be there (most of them have been removed due to the ongoing reconstruction). Their meaning was a mystery for me until now. After Covid, this all makes sense now. We are standing on the verge of the most significant and most tragic events in human history…



    Three weeks ago
    If you watched what just went down in Afghanistan in horror, you can now understand why a tunnel would be built under an airport. If they overtook us, the only way out is the airport, and you would need to shelter inside while awaiting departure. It’s an escape system. While we may never need it, it’s there. The murals are creepy and also remind me of what just happened in Afghanistan.


    Vlad Sarc

    Nine months ago
    Do you all remember when JFK said that there’s a plot to enslave every woman and man and that he’d expose these secret societies? Right after that, he was murdered. Weird right?


    Jakob • 57 years ago

    One month ago
    “What’s done in the darkness always comes to light.”


    It’s Just Revenge

    One week ago
    It was crazy this aired years ago, and everything everyone’s been saying is now a reality.


    Randy Coger

    One month ago
    The fact this is a production of the History Channel speaks loudly. Some truths with some lies mislead the people.


    Deceitful Mind

    Four months ago (edited)
    The fact they are telling everyone this means it’s too late to do anything about it. Their plan is almost fulfilled. Just look around. Look at the way society is. Just have an open mind and look around without being naive.


    Ivan Felipe Baez Perez

    One month ago
    It’s honestly insulting how stupid they believe us to be; then again, most of our countrymen refuse to see what is – as they said, “hidden in plain sight.”


    Sarah lee

    Nine months ago
    The Bible already talks about this New World Order. Christians are expecting this.



    Two months ago
    I like to see myself as I don’t have a RELIGION. I have a relationship with God, and I hope all of you will too!


    Maya Herrera

    Eight months ago
    God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16



    Four months ago
    “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it, and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them” Revelation 9:6



    Three months ago
    “It would be hard to conceal underground tunnels from thousands of employees,” she said it would be hard, not impossible. She never denied it.


    Aidan Kirby

    One month ago
    “We defeated the Wrong Enemy.” – General Patton


    Cameron Walter

    Six months ago
    The fact they’re even discussing this on the History Channel is proof that one of their number one directives is to put their atrocities on full display.


    Belkis Morales

    One month ago
    … many are still so distracted, sleeping, unaware of… they don’t believe in God anymore, and the Bible says…


    Kristine N.

    Seven months ago
    Sadly, everyone is waking up so late. This is a HISTORY channel… which means these things have already been happening long before this aired.



    Four months ago
    That lady was 100% prepared for the answers. They were scripted in an attempt to debunk all of the obvious questions. That’s why she agreed to the interview, knowing that it would be part of a well-known documentary.


    Hybrid YD

    Six months ago
    The lady at the airport has answers for everything, doesn’t she?


    Phillip Perez

    One month ago
    Stripping freedoms and taking down historical symbols is for sure a new order agenda. Yes, it’s authentic.


    Kenneth Dallmann

    Five months ago
    First off, when they went through the “…tunnels underneath the airport,” they went to level 3.
    The level they were on first was 5. Second, airport passengers, employees, or even high-level managers wouldn’t be aware of federal secrets or tunnels if there are any; that information would be easily hidden.
    Take it from me, a DIA employee for over a year and a half.



    Three weeks ago (edited)
    I love how the dude mentioned the Phil Schneider situation, and the host brushed over it like it was nothing. Not to note, people are highly susceptible if they think ANY civilian working at DIA would have access or even know about anything military-related in a covert capacity. 100’s of thousands of people traverse the pentagon annually, and I guarantee they have no idea what kind of secrets lie beneath.

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