March 16, 2021

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA – Shortly after 2 am, March 16, 2021, a truck and a sedan collided at the intersection of Euclid & Orangewood Ave in the city of Garden Grove. The truck landed upside down in a pool after crashing through a wall of a home on Elizabeth St. The driver of the truck was pronounced deceased on scene, and the driver of the sedan was taken to a local trauma center, where they died a short time later. Police witnessed a truck at high speeds and pulled behind it with lights & sirens before the Dodge truck fled in a rush. **UPDATE** We have learned that two bodies were found inside the truck, making it a total of three fatalities. Police also found a catalytic converter and tools for cutting them off of vehicles inside the truck. This may have been the cause for the high-speed getaway that led to the collision that ended three lives this morning.

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